Terms and Conditions

last updated: 18 May 2018

Explanation of the terms used:
Job/vacancy details – all details pertaining to the job details displayed on the website
Candidates, applicants, job seekers – Visitors to the website searching for vacancies
We, us, our – relates to designjobs.co.uk and its employees
the website – relates to the website at designjobs.co.uk
You, your – relates to you and/or the company you represent
Recruiter – relates to the individual or company who posts a vacancy


About designjobs.co.uk
Designjobs.co.uk is not a recruitment agency. We provide an online service to employers and recruitment agencies looking to promote their design vacancies on the internet. A fee is payable for this service. However, searching and applying for vacancies is free and without the need to register.

Copyright Notice
You are not allowed unless expressly permitted in writing to copy or re-distribute any content or graphics on the website. If you want to display or use the designjobs.co.uk logo for any reason, please emailhello@designjobs.co.uk.

Site useage
By using the website you must agree with these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, you must refrain from using the website or any services provided by it. You use the site at your own risk, and we cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may occur as a result of accessing and using the website. We are not liable for any viruses or other malicious activity that may affect your computer hardware and data while accessing the website or the internet generally.

We cannot guarantee that the website is free from technical errors, spelling mistakes, innacuracies or downtime. However, we endeavour to fix any problems as soon as they occur, and you can report any problems accessing the website at hello@designjobs.co.uk

If you follow links to external websites, please note that designjobs.co.uk is not responsible for and has not vetted the external websites’ content in any way.

Technical Requirements
It is your responsibility to have the correct equipment and software in place to access the internet and use the website. The website is compatible with leading internet browsing software. However, some older internet browsing software may not be supported on some computers.

Spam and hacking
You are not permitted to interfere with the infrastructure of the website, or misuse the services available on this website for purposes other than that for which they were created.

About these Terms and Conditions
Designjobs.co.uk is not responsible for any claim brought about due to your failure to adhere and comply with these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. These Terms and Conditions are enforceable under the law of England.

For Recruiters

Your Obligations and liability

Limitation of our liability to applicants
Applicants referred to you by us, or directly applying to you via our website, have not been approved by us in any way. Job seekers and applicants are not vetted by us, nor their skills, knowledge or experience verified or tested and we accept no liability where an applicant is found to be unsuitable for a position for any reason. It is your responsibility to interview, test or otherwise select appropriate candidates to your satisfaction, in line with any relevant employment laws.

It is your responsibility to respond to queries or applications from candidates. We will not act as a mediator between you and the candidate. Any communication received from candidates relating to your vacancies will not be replied to and will be forwarded to you.

Applicants are able to generate an emailed request that is sent to your email address provided. It is deemed that any message sent from the website to you will be considered to have been sent from the applicant. Once the email has been sent from the website, we accept no responsibility for any emails that are delayed, incorrectly quarantined, detected as spam, or are not received by you. Equally, we cannot be held liable for any postal applications that are delayed or do not reach you as intended.

Posting Vacancies
You must be an bona-fide employer, recruitment agency or acting on behalf of such an organisation in order to qualify for posting vacancies on the website. You are only allowed to post one vacancy per page and are not permitted to promote vacancies or services for other individuals or businesses using your account, for free or otherwise. You are not authorised to financially gain from reselling vacancy postings to third parties (in the case of a monthly flat rate account). The vacancy details you post must adhere to any relevant recruitment or data protection laws and, naturally, they are as honest, detailed and accurate as possible. We reserve the option to remove vacancies that do not adhere to these terms, that we consider offensive or that contravene any relevant recruitment or data protection laws.

Online Administration
You are responsible for the administration of your vacancies using the online pages. You agree that you are considered the publisher of any information that is submitted using the website. To enable easy maintenance of your vacancies, you are able to add additional contacts for your company/agency. Please note, however, that the password remains the same for each contact, to enable a streamlines workflow among colleagues. The safety of your password is paramount and if you believe that your password may be known by unauthorised individuals you must inform us immediately. Equally, it is your responsibility to maintain your contact list to help prevent security breaches.

If you elect to display your email address on the website, please be aware that the email address could be targeted by spammers who harvest email addresses from website pages. However, there are measures in place to prevent this nuisance. We do not distribute your details to any third parties and therefore we cannot be held liable for any unsolicited email you receive to an email address that you have made publicly available.

We reserve the right to suspend fraudulent or inactive accounts.

Our Obligations to you

Website promotion
We will promote the website on relevant websites and publications. Particular vacancies and/or companies will not be listed on such adverts. Although we actively promote the website, we cannot guarantee that your job posting will attract applications.

Website Reliability
Every effort is made to maintain site uptime but we cannot be held responsible for any downtime caused by external factors such as ISP failure, virus attack etc. When non-urgent maintenance of the website is necessary, this will be done outside peak hours to minimise disruption for website visitors.

We will maintain and improve the online administration tools and vacancy search functionality on the website as necessary.

We have the right to vet all vacancy postings made to the site and will remove any vacancies that are considered inappropriate or irrelevant to the target audience.

Response times
We will respond to requests or queries in a timely fashion. Any query considered not urgent will be responded to with within 1 working day. Urgent requests, such as technical errors for example, will be given a higher priority and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Our liability to you in respect of any claim will be the maximum of the cost of the relevant job listing.

For Candidates

Vacancies posted on the website have not been verified for accuracy or authenticity. The appearance of vacancy details on the website does not constitute any kind of approval made by designjobs.co.uk. We therefore cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy, omission or legal breach on any vacancy details displayed, or any actual or perceived loss or damage. Any queries relating to a vacancy can be made directly with the recruiter via the contact details provided. If applying for a vacancy, any subsequent contracts or agreements you enter into are between you and the recruiter and you should assure yourself of the validity and accuracy of any vacancy details displayed on the website before doing so.

It is at the sole discretion of the recruiter whether they pursue your application or respond to a request. Therefore, no guarantee is made that your application will be successful or responded to.

Any contact you make with the recruiter through the website is deemed to have been authored by you; therefore you are responsible for the content of any such communication. We ask that you are honest and forthcoming regarding your application – such as your education, ability and experience.

It is the recruiters responsibility to respond to your applications and/or requests. We cannot be liable for any emails sent either by you or generated from the website that are delayed, incorrectly quarantined, detected as spam, or otherwise do not reach their destination. It is your responsibility to check that any such email has reached its destination as intended. Equally, we cannot be held liable for any postal applications that are delayed or fail to reach their destination. We regret we are unable to act as mediator between you and the recruiter under any circumstance.

Please mention designjobs.co.uk when contacting recruiters regarding vacancies.